McGowan Symposium on Business Leadership & Ethics

In launching the McGowan Fellows Program, the McGowan Fund board of directors recognized that the program must be more than simply a scholarship initiative. To achieve their goal of advancing principled leadership, they realized the fellowship must incorporate an opportunity for discourse and a way to foster a community that reinforces the McGowan ethos.

The annual McGowan Symposium on Business Leadership & Ethics fulfills these ambitions. It welcomes new Fellows into the McGowan community and provides them with the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with peers; alumni; recognized leaders in business, government, and academia; and thought leaders from outside their own MBA programs. The symposium and related events are organized and cohosted each year in collaboration with one of the 10 McGowan Fellows Program partner schools and focuses on topics ranging from global inequality to socially responsible innovation. Learn from McGowan Symposium speakers about these and other ethical issues we are exploring.

The 2019 event, focusing on leadership in a VUCA world, took place October 31–November 3 at MIT Sloan School of Management. Featured speakers included Jason Jay of MIT Sloan School of Management; David K. Vawdrey, PhD, of the Steele Institute for Health Innovation, Geisinger; Col. Charles D. Allen (retired) of the U.S. Army War College; and Col. Joseph LeBoeuf, PhD, (retired) from the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund.

Past symposia have taken place at Duke University (2018), University of Michigan (2017), University of Pennsylvania (2016), Columbia University (2015), University of Chicago (2014), Dartmouth College (2013), Northwestern University (2012), and Georgetown University (2011).