Fellows Projects

An important component of the McGowan Fellows experience is the group project which kicks off in November during the annual McGowan Symposium on Business Leadership & Ethics weekend. The board intended to build community among Fellows by providing them an opportunity to work collaboratively with like-minded peers on a project of meaningful social impact.

The project is similar to a social impact external consulting project. Work begins in mid-November, is finalized at a spring working retreat – usually in Florida during April – and is completed by May 1. It officially concludes when the Fellows present a final report to the McGowan Fund board of directors at a subsequent board meeting or the next year’s Symposium. The Fund covers the expenses of travel, and room and board for the retreat weekend.

Each Fellow should expect to devote on average two to three hours per week to the project. However, like any consulting project, there will be weeks with a great deal to do and others with very little. Fellows need to plan their schedules very carefully to accommodate the project as well as their recruiting trips, classwork, and other activities.

The Class of 2018 will work on a project with Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, focusing on developing a business case for provider support for a preventive approach to reversing metabolic syndrome.

Both the project and the retreat are required elements of the Fellows program.